My name is Megan Hsu (the H is silent – so it’s pronounced Megan Sue).  I am a photographer living in Wilmington, NC with my wonderful husband, my two crazy boys, and my two adorable dogs. I have always loved taking pictures but my passion for photography really grew after I had children. I love that you can capture a moment on camera and hold onto it forever. It may sound cliché, but time really does fly and I know I will want to remember every smile (even every tantrum!).

Of course my sons are my two favorite subjects, but I found that I also enjoyed photographing my friends’ kiddos. There is a special kind of joy in giving someone else a picture that they will treasure. Soon my friends began asking that I bring my camera to birthday parties and playdates. Then I started getting requests to take family pictures. I had so much fun that offering my photography services to all of Wilmington seemed like the next logical step.

As a photographer, my style tends to lean towards natural lighting and candid shots in outdoor settings. I love vivid and bright colors with a few “artsy” black and white, sepia and special effects thrown in. I pride myself in giving my clients a variety of poses. As a mother, I could never choose just one or two pictures because I don’t feel like it tells the whole story. I want to help you tell your story, capturing an array of different actions, poses and expressions. And I aim to provide my services in a manner that is affordable!

While I adore family and children photography, I also offer plenty of other photography services. This includes beach portraits, maternity portraits, engagement portraits, senior photography and pet photography. I also take pictures for businesses that can be used for websites and publications. I believe that there is a definite need for affordable corporate, business and commercial photography in the Wilmington, NC area.

If you have any questions or want to book a session, please contact me. You can also like my Facebook page to be the first to see sneak peeks from recent photo shoots.