Figure Eight Island Portraits

Getting to know my clients has been one of my favorite parts of being a photographer. This is the 3rd summer this family has asked me to capture their Figure Eight Island portraits. What an honor it has been watching their kiddos grow in size and in numbers! Every year, there is anĀ adorable new addition. This year the grand total was 7 little ones! If you want to check out this family’s session from last year click thisĀ link. Also in that blog post is a link to their very first session!

We had another gorgeous evening this year and I think the pictures captures the fun we had!


IMG_0050_FB IMG_0085_FB IMG_0094_FB IMG_0126_FB IMG_0152_FB IMG_0156_FB IMG_0169_FB IMG_0203_FB IMG_0241_FB IMG_0270_FB IMG_0295_FB IMG_0304_FB IMG_0341_FB IMG_9349_FB IMG_9399_FB IMG_9454_FB IMG_9529_FB IMG_9534_FB IMG_9541_FB IMG_9545_FB IMG_9569_FB IMG_9587_FB IMG_9589_FB IMG_9612_FB IMG_9618_FB IMG_9674_FB IMG_9681_FB IMG_9685_FB IMG_9709_FB IMG_9752_FB IMG_9768_FB IMG_9806_FB IMG_9815_FB IMG_9839_FB IMG_9890_FB IMG_9943_FB IMG_9953_FB IMG_9980_FB IMG_9998_FB

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