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More than anything else, I consider myself a family photographer. The word “family” means different things to different people. Sometimes it is a mom, dad and their children. Sometimes it is large extended family spanning generations. Sometimes it is a blended family with step parents, step siblings and half brothers and sisters. Sometimes it is one or two adults with their pets. Sometimes it is best friends who are so close that they might as well be family. Personally I feel that family, in all its forms, should be celebrated. And by celebrated, I mean photographed! As the years go by your family will change and evolve. Having a photo session with a professional family photographer will help you capture moments with your loved ones that you can look back on in the years to come. You can have your family portraits taken anywhere in the Wilmington, NC area. Popular choices include the Arboretum, Hugh McRae Park, Greenfield Lake and our many beaches. I can also come to your home for a lifestyle family photography session.

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If you are looking for Wilmington, NC photographers, please consider a session with Megan Hsu Photography. Megan is a Wilmington, NC photographer who specializes in capturing families and children in natural settings.