Topsail Beach Photography – Serious Cuteness!

I had the pleasure of photographing this family while they were vacationing at Topsail Beach. And let me tell you, the kids (all under 4) were amazing little models! They totally hammed it up for the camera. I don’t know what their parents bribed them with, but it worked!

I love doing Topsail Beach photography because I often get large extended families who are super fun to work with. I really enjoy watching grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all play together. And those awesome family dynamics make for some gorgeous, natural portraits. I hope you enjoy these!IMG_0847_FB IMG_0859_FB IMG_0873_FB IMG_0894_FB IMG_0902_FB IMG_0947_FB IMG_0964_FB IMG_0996_FB IMG_1040_FB IMG_1077_FB IMG_1090_FB IMG_1115_FB IMG_1131_FB IMG_1142_FB IMG_1184_FB IMG_1206_FB IMG_1221_FB IMG_1235_FB topsail-beach-photography-family-ocean-north-carolina topsail-beach-photographer-photography-kids-brother-sister-walking-on-beach IMG_1279_FB IMG_1291_FB family-photographer-topsail-beach-nc-lifestyle-fun IMG_1323_FB IMG_1366_FB IMG_1410_FB IMG_1420_FB IMG_1435_FB IMG_1474_FB IMG_1493_FB IMG_1508_FB IMG_1535_FB IMG_1540_FB IMG_1566_FB

Megan Hsu is a Wilmington, NC and Wrightsville Beach photographer but she frequently travels to Topsail Beach to take family portraits!

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