Wilmington, NC Business Photography Shoot

As primarily a family photographer in Wilmington, NC, I don’t usually get the opportunity to do a lot of business photography shoots. When entrepreneur¬†Tanya Aliza contacted me to do some portraits for her website, it sounded like so much fun! Tanya is a trainer, speaker and blogger who helps people build their businesses and utilize social media to its fullest. And with so many branching out on their own or having side hustles, what a valuable resource!

She wanted some lifestyle photos in and around her home that captured her in her element. That meant hanging out in her home office, working on her computer and having fun while she helps others achieve their dreams. It was important to get a variety of different poses and looks so Tanya would have plenty to choose from for different parts of her website. And I think we succeeded! I love her energy and enthusiasm, and I think that shows through these photos.

If you have started your own business and need some advice or training, contact her. Make sure you like her Facebook Page!

And if you have Wilmington, NC business photography needs, make sure to contact me! And make sure to like my Facebook Page as well.IMG_0449_FB
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