Wrightsville Beach Engagement Photography

As you can see from these portraits, we had a lot of fun at this Wrightsville Beach engagement photography session. These two were full of love and laughter and it was a joy to photography! And there is no better place for engagement photography than at the beach. We had a really cool evening where it started off cloudy but then the sun peeked out. This gave us some great contrast and colors in the sky.

Congrats you two – hope you enjoy your portraits!

IMG_7919_FB IMG_7944_FB IMG_7950_FB IMG_7957_FB IMG_7965_FB IMG_7973_FB IMG_7976_FB IMG_7989_FB IMG_7992_FB IMG_7994_FB IMG_8000_FB IMG_8007_FB IMG_8965_FB IMG_9035_FB IMG_9079_FB IMG_9109_FB IMG_9114_FB IMG_9135_FB IMG_9143_FB IMG_9250_FB IMG_9255_FB wrightsville-beach-engagement-photography-megan-hsu IMG_9310_FB IMG_9324_FB IMG_9372_FB IMG_9401_FB IMG_9434_FB

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