A Wrightsville Beach Proposal!

Casey contacted me awhile ago because he wanted to propose to Caroline on the beach and wanted me to help photograph the special moment. I had never photographed a proposal before and, I will admit, I was a bit nervous. He had a particular day and time in mind, which was during a typically crowded time at Wrightsville Beach, late morning on a Saturday! I was a bit worried – how would I know I had the right couple? How would I know the exact time so my camera would be ready? How could I avoid looking like a creepy stalker with cameras lol!?

Casey and I brainstormed over the phone and through email. I mentioned that I had kids and was happy to use one of them to help pull it off. If I pretended I was out there taking pictures of my son, I would probably look less suspicious. Casey took it one step further. He created a note for my kiddo to carry to Caroline, asking her if she would be his wife (there was only choice available which was “Yes”!). He also provided me with a picture of them ahead of time so I would know what they looked like. And we kept in constant contact the morning of the big day.

So when I spotted them and we got away from most of the people, I knew the moment had arrived. I handed my son, J,  the note. And the wind blew it away!!! I almost panicked but then realized it was blowing right to Casey and Caroline – it couldn’t have been more perfect! Casey helped him grab it and J then handed it to Caroline and got out of the way, just like he was supposed to. And I just kept on taking pictures!

Caroline said yes!! And she had no clue that any of this was going on. Casey definitely pulled off the surprise of the century. And to make the day even sweeter, both of their families were in on it. We all met up at her family’s beach house to celebrate and get a few more pictures. And J got a big ice cream cone for helping his momma :-)

Congrats Casey and Caroline!
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